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Shipping since: December 2015
$54.99 per month
The Barbell Box is a premium monthly fitness and health subscription box curated just for you!
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Ships from: Canada
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Box Details:

The Barbell Box is the first PREMIUM monthly Fitness and Health subscription box curated just for you! For Men and Women of all ages looking to elevate their training sessions! Every month you will receive a box of the newest & most effective supplements & fitness gear on the market. Every Barbell Box includes $100+ worth of value, products, workouts, recipes, supplement plans and motivation. The Barbell Box is family owned and operated, has a private exclusive membership group for all of our members to keep them on track, accountable and to share with them unbelievable exclusive deals from all of our partners. Did we mention that their customer service is the best you have ever seen?! At The Barbell Box – we are your fitness family!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: The Barbell Box subscribers can expect to receive full sized supplements, clothing, fitness accessories, multiple serving sizes, magazine, workout routines and access to our private members group for all our Barbell Box subscribers!

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When can I expect to start receiving my Barbell Box after I have subscribed?
If you have signed up on or before the 20th of each month, your Barbell Box will ship by the 14th of the following month. If you sign up after the 20th day of the month we will still try and get you a box for the following month but unfortunately we can’t guarantee it. Email and Laura will be happy to let you know if we can still squeeze you in! For example, if you subscribe on January 20th, your Barbell Box will ship by February 14th. If you subscribe on January 21st, your first Barbell Box will ship by March 14th.

When will I be billed on my account?
The first time you subscribe, your payment will be processed for your first shipment IMMEDIATELY. Afterwards, payments will be processed on the 15th of each month. On first shipments, if your order is placed before or on the 20th, re-billing will start the 15th of the following month. On orders placed after the 20th, re-billing will begin on the 15th of 2 months later.

When do you ship the boxes?
We ship before the 14th of each month, except when those days fall on weekends or holidays, in which case we will begin shipping boxes on the next postal work day.

How do I send a single box as a gift?
If you would like to only send one box to someone as a gift, just sign-up, using THEIR custom info on the signup page (to the best of your knowledge, or just ask!), and once you receive the confirmation email that you have subscribed, you can log back in and cancel your subscription. You must do this before the 15th of the following month, or you will be re-billed for an additional month.

What’s in the box?
Now what fun would it be if you already knew what you were getting? That is sort of the allure of having a monthly subscription. If you want to know before you get it, then our box might not be for you, and that’s fine! We know we can’t please everyone 100% of the time. Just don’t be jealous of your buddies when they are bragging about all the cool stuff they got! Check out our videos, and send us your own photos and videos. We will have random giveaways based on subscriber interaction on social media, so don’t be shy to post pictures of you using all the great stuff you got in your Barbell Box!

How do I edit my account/ subscription?
If you wish to skip a renewal, pause your subscription for a break, or cancel your account entirely, you can do so by logging into your account via our website and updating your account to your preferences. If you ever need any help with anything, we are always here to help! Just email us at

How to I get access to the private Facebook group for The Barbell Box Subscribers?
You will receive an invite in your welcome email with the link to the group. Once you have requested to sign up and answered the security question, we will review and accept your request! This group is a great way to stay motivated, bounce ideas off of each other, share workouts, recipes and you will also have access to exclusive coupon codes for full sized products and contests! You will also be the first in the know and have full access to the founders of The Barbell Box; Chad and Laura.

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